Joe Bob Invades Birmingham

Remember this guy?  Joe Bob Briggs?  Spent most of the 90s continuing the fine tradition of horror movie hosting on networks like The Movie Channel and TNT.  Chances are, if you were a teenager who spent more Saturday nights than not in your parents' living room back then, glued to the television set long after they'd gone to bed, drowning your breath in the sweet stench of Coca-Cola and Salt n' Venegar potato chips, you not only remember him, but if you saw him tomorrow you'd welcome him into your own home like some long-lost reletative who'd gone missing at sea.

What's that experience worth to you? To see the clown redneck prince of B-movie, drive-in culture in person, kicking back at one of your favorite Birmingham venues as he introduces a double feature and delights you in a Q&A afterwards?  Well, buddy, the DONATE button is only a few pixels to your left.

We can bring him to the Magic City for just $2,000, plus expenses.  I have cooresponded with Joe Bob personally, who assured me he would like to check the city out, saying, "Sounds like you guys gotta nice party goin' on down there."
So if keeping the B-movie tradition alive means anything to you, and you would like to see Joe Bob in person to ask him about any of his six wives*, then join up on the FACEBOOK page, and donate if you can!  Currently, we're using the facebook page as an RSVP hub.  If you join up, you're basically telling us that, yes, you will come to this show if it happens.  This way, we can let potential sponsors know just how serious we all are!

If you're interested in sponsoring this event with your business or cause, then shoot me an e-mail at, or send me, Mike Boody, a message on Facebook, and we'll work something out. 

*as of this writing, that's how many nuptials he has on record.

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Here he is, excited to introduce Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" to The Movie Channel.

Hosting that great John Carpenter Saturday night flick, "They Live", on MonsterVision.  He came to host movies and drink a tallboy.

Before he made it big on TV, Joe Bob wrote a column for the Dallas Times-Herald, reviewing Drive-in Movies to try and keep the outdoor cinema culture alive.  Critics dubbed him a "Redneck Hunter S. Thompson".

Very ironic that the best B-pic critic of all time came along in the 80s, a decade that all-but-destroyed the Grindhouse.  Nevertheless, there he was, living the typical rebel journalist lifestyle of going head-to-head with publishers and editors over outrageous comments made in the name of satire.  This time, it was Joe Bob altering the lyrics to the popular (but, God, so awful) "We are the World."  "We are the Weird" made many fans, tons of enemies, and a little bit of money for the song's royalties beneficiary, the United Negro College Fund.

Wait! Don't leave without taking the Drive-In Oath! If you DONATE, maybe you'll take it with Joe Bob personally.