The Halloween TV Special

This is a TV episode of THE MIDNIGHT CITIZEN I did with some friends last Halloween.  It's a horror hosting-style show, where I sit on a set we made, drink soda and beer, and show a movie, coming in at random intervals with the occasional sketch or fun fact about the flick. 

We wanted to go for a cable access feel, one of those local mainstays that you might come across as you flip through the channels late on some Friday or Saturday night in America.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this happen: Dave Smith (director/lighting/camera), Jonathan Sweatt (props/sidekick extraordinaire), Jessica Clark (writing, mail, make-up and costumes, moral support), John Morse (props, PA, audience), and Tim Rocks (props, PA, audience). Extra special thanks to PAUL SMITH, United States Armed Forces Veteran and owner of the basement we shot this in.

Enjoy! And comment -- based on your feedback, we might do another one!