BLOG -- "Found footage"


I've always loved Found Footage movies.

Actually, let me re-think that. I've seen way too many of these things fail terribly to still say I love them. I guess I've just always loved theconcept of Found Footage movies, the idea that anyone can take a consumer-grade camera and create underwear-ruining suspense on about the same budget it would take to fix a washing machine.

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PODCAST 175 -- "Steeplejack"

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Mike is having problems with Facebook again. This week the social network is telling all his friends that he supports Donald Trump. Clean the fish out of your percolator, make some coffee, and join him in the studio late at night to explore this issue and many others.

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Congratulations for winning a job at the Spaceport Arcade! Be sure to watch this training video over at MIDNIGHT CITIZEN TV!